Technical Interactive Forum
Happenings at Technical Interactive Forum
TIFs on specific topics will be organized during CORCON 2016 to facilitate interaction between interested delegates and a panel of experts. These experts will respond to queries of delegates raised at these forums and offer advice, wherever possible.
  • Water Treatment
  • Pipeline Integrity & Management
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Testing
  • Regulations and Standards in Corrosion
  • Corrosion in Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Fertilizer Industries
  • Delivering Performance through Optimum Coating Specifications
  • All interested delegates..
  • A panel consisting of experts including a Chair who will head the panel.
  • Each TIF will begin with a brief PowerPoint presentation not exceeding five minutes by TIF Chair/expert to set the tone for the ensuing discussions during the TIF.
  • Interested delegates are encouraged to mail a one - slide PowerPoint file illustrating their query to the technical committee at
  • Queries mentioning the name of the delegate, the organization to which he/she belongs and the TIF for which the query is intended may also be put in a drop box on the first day of the conference.
  • The delegate who has put in a query needs to be present at the TIF during the related discussion.
  • The TIF Chair may combine queries with a common theme to initiate a discussion.
  • The TIF Chair may involve, if needed, individuals with relevant experience from the audience to make the discussion more interactive and informative.
  • To manage time, the Chair reserves the right to control a discussion.
  • Based on the interactions during the session, the TIF Chair will conclude the session by summarizing the outcome of the discussions.


Recent Updates
Technical Program of CORCON has now been finalized. All the Authors are requested to submit the powerpoint files before 25 August 2015 and register for CORCON 2016 before 30 August. The Papers of those Authors who have not registered for CORCON before 30 August will not be included in the conference proceedings.


IMPORTANT FOR PRESENTING AUTHORS: The authors are required to upload their powerpoint file for approval to CORCON website. These approved presentation files would be made available in the presentation laptop. No presentation file would be taken from the author inside the presentation hall. For a backup, all the authors are also requested to bring the approved version of their powerpoint file on a pen drive to CORCON and check the availability of their presentation file at the time of registration.

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