Guidelines for Submission
1. General:
The conference proceedings on CD ROM will be created from the Word document submitted by the author. It is essential that papers be typed neatly according to the guidelines given under this section.
2. Style Guidelines:
2.1 General:
  • The paper should be written in English. To facilitate searches for users of the CD ROM it is recommended that the American spelling of words should be used throughout the paper (vs. the English spelling).
  • The length of written paper should be restricted to 6 to 8 pages of A4 size including figures, tables, graphics etc.
  • Papers should be in Microsoft Word 2010format. PDF format will not be accepted.
  • Papers should be typed in Arial Font of 11 size and lines should be single spaced.
  • The text should be aligned to both left and right margins (justify) and do not use columns
  • Symbols should not be hand drawn / written in equations, tables, graphs / line diagrams / text
  • Abbreviations that may be unfamiliar to the reader should be spelled out, followed by the abbreviation the first time it appears in the paper. All but the most common acronyms should be handled this way.
  • Units of Measurement: The actual unit of measurement shall be given first and it should be followed by its metric equivalent in parentheses. If the actual measurement is in metric units, no conversion is required.
  • NIGIS recommends use of the corrosion-related units of measurement shown in Table 1. Table 2 gives common conversion factors. These tables are available in the downloadable pdf file.
2.2 General format of the paper
Title of Paper:
Author Information:
Name, designation and organization of the paper presenter should be given first followed by co-authors The name of authors should be in Font size 12 bold and other details should be in Font size 10 normal. To condense the amount of space used for author information, email addresses can be listed onlyfor the primary/presenting author with whom all correspondence shall be made. The email id should be in Font size 10 normal italics.
250-words abstract should concisely state the significant contributions of the paper.
Key Words
- A list of relevant key words should be included after the abstract to facilitate searches.
An outline of the problem or subject and a brief explanation of the solution or review
Experimental Procedure
(where a test program was involved) Details of materials, heat treatments, test equipment and procedures including their specific/ unusual features, development of experimental testing procedure/equipment should be discussed, with illustration, if possible; evaluation of equipment and its application.
Results (where required)
Results should be presented, in the clearest form in text, graphs, or tables. The text should be used to give essential information on illustrations. All terms used in text, tables, and graphs should be defined. Insert figures, tables in the running text and provide a gap of one line between the main text and the figure/table. All figures and tables should be consecutively numbered. Figure caption should appear at the bottom of the figure while table caption at the top of the table.Legends and other materials presented in the figure must be clear with fonts not less than 11.
Conclusions as well as their utility should be directly and briefly stated. All conclusions should be supported with data in the text
Special help received from individuals or organizations should be cited.
All references should be listed numerically in the order cited.
Unacceptable Graphic Materials
Photographs larger than 4" x 6"
Computer printouts (except high-resolution, computerized graphics)
Graphic materials from other copyrighted sources, unless the author has obtained a written permission from copyright holder; and source and copyright holder to be properly acknowledged in a footnote.
Photocopies of photographs
Second-generation photographs (a photo of a photo)
Pencil drawings.
References should be numbered consecutively throughout the text with superscript numbers. The corresponding list of references should be at the end of the text following the acknowledgments. The reference list should have the name of author/s (surname, first name, middle name) followed by the title of the reference paper, and other relevant details. The name of the book, name/s of authors / editors and publisher, year of publication of the book should be given in case of books referred to.Refer to the attached downloadable file for examples.
Use of Trade Names
Generic names shall be used in place of trade names. Specification numbers, or chemical compositions should be used in place of material trade names.
Trade names should not appear in the title, abstract, tables, figures, or captions. In accordance with NIGIS guidelines / practices, a trade name may be used only ONCE in the text of the paper and must be identified with a footnote.
Definition of a trade name: "the name given by a manufacturer or merchant to a product, process, or service to distinguish it as made or sold by the concern which may or may not be used or protected as a trademark". Trade name also refers to any name under which the concern does business (i.e. company name, university, association, organization etc.)." This definition includes company names in addition to product, process or software names, URL (web) addresses, and does not exclude names that are not necessarily copyrighted or have a trademark.


Recent Updates
Technical Program of CORCON has now been finalized. All the Authors are requested to submit the powerpoint files before 25 August 2015 and register for CORCON 2016 before 30 August. The Papers of those Authors who have not registered for CORCON before 30 August will not be included in the conference proceedings.


IMPORTANT FOR PRESENTING AUTHORS: The authors are required to upload their powerpoint file for approval to CORCON website. These approved presentation files would be made available in the presentation laptop. No presentation file would be taken from the author inside the presentation hall. For a backup, all the authors are also requested to bring the approved version of their powerpoint file on a pen drive to CORCON and check the availability of their presentation file at the time of registration.

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