Call for Papers
Call for Abstracts / Papers
CORCON 2016 offers a rich technical program consisting of 12 technical symposia and many Technical Interactive Forums. The scope of each technical symposium is listed at Symposia Categories. Technical Committee of CORCON 2016 invites authors to submit technical papers on specified symposia topics for presentation as contributory talk or poster paper during CORCON 2016 conference. The participants are invited to submit an abstract of about 250 words by online submission at Author login or by email to The submitted abstracts shall be reviewed by the symposium chair and a communication to the corresponding author regarding its acceptance shall be done by May 25, 2016. 
The last date for submission of abstracts is May 20, 2016 and for submission of papers is June 15, 2016.
Deadline for Abstract Submission:
The Deadline for Submission of Abstracts is 20 May, 2016
Required Documents:
The prospective author who proposes to present his /her paper is required to sign up on the website, obtain login details and submit the following documents online in accordance with the specified format and schedule.
  • Abstract of paper
  • Full text of paper
  • Power Point presentation
  • Bio-data
Format for Abstract:
The abstract should not exceed more than 250 words. You may prepare the abstract in a Microsoft Word file giving a title, author's names and affiliations along with contact details for the presenting author. Once you start to upload your abstract from the "Online Submission" link, you will be prompted to upload the title of the abstract, names of authors and affiliations, contact details and the abstract in less than 250 words.
Paper Format:
All contributory technical papers (talks and poster presentations) shall be written in accordance with "Guideline for Papers" and presented in accordance with "Paper Presentation Guidelines" that are available and may be downloaded from the website.
Multiple Authors:
In case of multiple authors for a technical paper, the name of the author who proposes to present the paper during the conference shall be mentioned in the abstract.
Paper Review:
The technical committee will review abstracts and full text of papers and select them for presentation as a "contributory talk" or a "contributory poster" in accordance with guidelines and requirements of various symposia of the conference.
Authors are advised to avoid commercialism in their papers, visuals and talks. Authors may be instructed to revise their paper / presentation in accordance with requirements of technical committee. Similarly, the Chair of a technical session may interrupt or stop further presentation of the paper during the conference, if it is deemed to be commercial in nature.
Conference Publications:
Abstracts of all talks and posters will be included in the conference souvenir and the full text of all technical talks and posters will be included in the conference CD.
Attending the Conference:
In case of multiple authors for a technical paper (talk or poster presentation), at least one of the authors is required to register and attend the conference for presenting the paper. Only those authors who present the paper shall be given the certificate for the presentation of their contributory oral/poster papers. Technical papers of authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers may not be included in the conference CD and future conferences.
Presentation of Papers:
To assist the CORCON 2016 Technical Committee in maintaining uniformity and superior quality of both talks and poster presentations, authors are requested to follow the presentation guidelines for talks and poster presentations.
Best Paper Awards:
The technical committee will evaluate all contributory papers (talks and poster presentations) and present awards for best papers in various categories during the valedictory function on the concluding day of conference.
Assistance to Authors:
For all matters concerning technical papers / presentations, contact Rishikesh Mishra, Manager- Technical Services:


Recent Updates
Technical Program of CORCON has now been finalized. All the Authors are requested to submit the powerpoint files before 25 August 2015 and register for CORCON 2016 before 30 August. The Papers of those Authors who have not registered for CORCON before 30 August will not be included in the conference proceedings.


IMPORTANT FOR PRESENTING AUTHORS: The authors are required to upload their powerpoint file for approval to CORCON website. These approved presentation files would be made available in the presentation laptop. No presentation file would be taken from the author inside the presentation hall. For a backup, all the authors are also requested to bring the approved version of their powerpoint file on a pen drive to CORCON and check the availability of their presentation file at the time of registration.

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