Submission Guidelines

1. Rules
a. The award year is commencing from 1st July 2016 and ending on 30th June 2017

b. One applicant can apply for only one award.

c. Application for the award will not be considered if the applicant has received any one of NIGIS corrosion awareness awards in preceding 5 years.

d. The individual awards are ranked in order: Recipient of a higher ranked award is not permitted to apply for a lower ranked award.

2. Application
a. The application should be submitted in the NIGIS application form for the award applied for. Application for the award should contain:
      i. Duly filled-in Part A – General, enclosed with essential enclosures listed under Section A of Contents of Application
      ii. Duly filled-in Part B- Confidential, enclosed with enclosures listed under Section B of Contents of Application

b. Specific Requirements / Conditions
      i. All details in Part A and Part B of the application should be typed in Times Roman / Arial Font Size 10.
              The applicant shall fill-in all details in Part-B Confidential without mentioning his / her name anywhere.
      ii. Enclosures
         1. All enclosures shall be numbered and titled as mentioned in Contents of Applications.
         2. Enclosures shall be typed on A 4 size papers with Times Roman / Arial Font Size 11 with 1.5 line spacing for the text and bold Font size                     12 for the Headings. The Name of the applicant shall be written only on top of first page of each enclosure of Part B of the application.
      iii. If the space provided for is lesser than required in some sheet, the applicant shall take a copy of that sheet and provide additional details                 in it and give the number of additional sheet in Contents of Application.

c. Applicants for Student Awards should enclose a copy of their thesis and papers published.

The Application Forms can be obtained from NIGIS Office

Email: /  or downloaded from
Submission of application by e-mail or fax is not acceptable

The application shall be sent to the following address:
The Chairman, Award Committee
NACE International Gateway India Section
305 A, Galleria Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400 076
Telephone +91 22 25797354, Fax +91 22 6621572

The last date for the receipt for applications at NIGIS office is (waiting on deadline).

Awards Application-IndividualAwards Application-LaboratoryAwards Application-MTech & PhD

Deadline to submit an application for the award is 17 July.