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26th International Conference & Expo On Corrosion

23 – 26th september 2019 Mumbai, India

Why exhibit at CORCON 2019?

✓ CORCON attracts over 800 industry leaders and decision makers from various industry in corrosion mitigation from around the world.

✓ CORCON facilitates valuable opportunities to discover the latest resources for its attendees on corrosion issues and challenges.

✓ Exhibitors at CORCON are able to communicate directly to their key demographic and familiarize them with the newest advancements in corrosion mitigation products and services

When you participate in CORCON 2019, you will reach customers you never thought were possible, and discover how you can take your business to the next level!

55 + Hours and over 250 papers on the latest in corrosion mitigation

Oil & Gas Coatings ✓ Engineers
Maritime Surface Preparation ✓ Government Officials
Power Generation & Utilities Cathodic Protection ✓ Operators
Highway & Bridges Inhibitors ✓ Inspectors
Petrochemicals Inspection Equipment ✓ Maintenance Managers
Pipelines Material Selections & Design ✓ Metallurgists