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26th International Conference & Expo On Corrosion

23 – 26th september 2019 Mumbai, India


CORCON INSITITUTE OF CORROSION (CIC) was established in 2014 to promote corrosion awareness in association with NIGIS as a NOT for profit company. CIC is committed to enhance the quality and range of its services in the field of corrosion awareness, protection and control of corrosion in India and globally.

The institute is focused on its membership, organizing annual conferences, seminars, conventions, technology meetings, educational and training programs, lectures, workshops, certifications and other corrosion programs of NACE International.

The Managing Committee of CIC consists of the NIGIS Governing Board members, CEO of NACE International and other eminent scientists, industrialists and technocrats. CIC is authorized to conduct education and certification programs of NACE International. This team is actively promoting CIC mission and working effectively to meet with our mission.

The activities related to education program, conferences and technical symposium are conducted by NACE International Gateway India Section and CIC. This also include organising the CORCON conferences in association with NACE International.

CORCON INSTITUTE OF CORROSION is authorized to conduct education and certification programs of NACE International.

CIC will conduct following NACE PROGRAMS in India.

√ Conferences, symposia, and exhibitions

√ General education courses, short-courses, and in-house training

√ Training and certification programs

√ Publications: magazines, newsletters, standards, books and technical journals

√ Public Affairs activities


Membership includes engineers, inspectors, technicians,scientists, business owners, CEOs, researchers,educators, students and others. Our membership covers nearly every major industry including:

√ Aerospace and military

√ Chemicals and allied products

√ Electric , electrical equipment/components

√ gas, and sanitary services

√ Industrial and potable water

√ Infrastructure and transportation


√ Marine

√ Metals: primary, fabricated products, and metallurgy

√ Oil and Gas: production, distribution, refining and processing

√ Pipeline and underground systems

√ Plastics and composites

√ Pollution prevention

√ Power and utilities

√ Pulp and paper

√ Waste management

At present these activities related to educational program, conferences and technical symposium are conducted by NACE International’s India Section. These will henceforth be conducted by CORCON INSTITUTE OF CORROSION. This also includes organization of the CORCON conferences in association with NACE Head Quarters. CORCON is one of the largest conference and expo in the world on corrosion science year on year. The CORCON conference and expo offers an excellent platform for exchange of information all matters concerning corrosion; establishment of business and personal relationships; and acquiring knowledge/information regarding existing and upcoming products and technologies. The number of academic and research organizations, public and private sector organizations including defense establishment; and individuals who attend CORCON conferences every year, is much larger than that for any other conference in this part of the world.

CORCON includes:

√ Technical symposia for the presentation of technical paper including keynote talks.

√ Open session for discussion of corrosion related issues.

√ Talks by eminent scientists and professionals.

√ Expo for display of products and services.

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